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SkrInNiK Piss Lyrics In Russian/English, Sung By 5opka. The Song Is Written By 5opka And Music Composed By 5opka.

SkrInNiK Piss Song Details

📌 Song TitleSkrInNiK Piss
🎤 Singer5opka
✍️ Lyrics5opka
🎼 Music5opka
🏷️ Music LabelФУГА TV

SkrInNiK Piss Lyrics

A, Ah
Well, That’s All
Fuck You, Burry
This Track I Wrote
Without The Help Of My Mother

I Agree, I Was Wrong
When I Pissed In The Sink
Now I’m Pissing In The Toilet
Now Your Photo Is There
Hey Bro, Open Your Eyes Dimochka

‘s Not Washed Dick
Fucks Beauties (R-r-ra)
From The Saved Folder
Fucked Heifers

Perhaps More Than A Hundred (Ha)
Don’t Fuck My Mom, Dima
Well, Please
I’ll Definitely Become Gay

If I Make Up My Lips On The Stream
In Five Minutes He Wants To
Fuck My Dad?

That’s Fucked Up, Damn
It’s Just Fucked Up
What Did You Shit, What Did You Shit, Bitch?

According To Dimas
There Are Only Quilted Jackets
Around Around Your Career, Dima
Vultures Are Circling

On My Server Bypass
Reports To The Mayor’s Office
Remind Me, Dima, What Happened
In The Fifty-fifth Episode? (Lux)

Buying A Limousine
You Build It In The Lane Buying A
Jerk Off On It In Secret

Buying A House
Say Thanks To Mom
How Much Did I Spend, Dima?
Count Me
“I Fuck Only Models”

Dimochka Swore To Us
And In General He And Yulechka
Only Kissed Sonya
Does Not Look

Like A Model From A Folder (But What About?)
But My Folder Looks
How Is The Model From The Folder? (Whoa, Bitch!)

Eyes In A Wet Place
Forgive Me For The Tears
It’s Not The Glasses That Ruin
Your Eyesight It’s Your Videos

I Buy Nikes
The Amount Was Doubled
Dima Skrynnik Farted – The
Bitcoin Exchange Rate Collapsed
Chlamydia Without A Vacuum

Mom Liked
It Dima Has A Vacuum
In The Folder With Friends (Ha-ha )
“Igor Iniks Fucked His Mother
To Learn Sex” – What Are

You Talking About, Fucking Old?
It’s Time For You To Fucking Heal

‘s Mother Was Not Trampled
How Was The Conception? (How?)
Mom Gave Birth To Dima
Through A Handshake (Ha)
In The League Of Stupidity

You Would Be The Main One (Fucked Up)
You Were The Only One Who Fucking Thought
I Was The Main One There

I Went To A Psychologist Dima
Was At The Dietitian
At That Time Re-inventing The
Internal Combustion Engine

For Fuck All These Scientists Are Needed –
You Can Do Everything Yourself
No Need To Be Afraid Of Reptilians
Because I Am A Reptilian

I’m Teetering On The Edge, I’m
Annexing Your Bitch (Come Here)
Why You Take It?
You Need To Be Meaner (Hah)
Since You Are So Brave

Maybe You Yourself Will Kill Koshchei?
But We’re On Vkontakte
We ‘re Sorting Out Tactics

Who’s In Advertising
? To Be Less Blather Guess Not
Difficult Because Of What Then Cried.

It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Brains
To Know How You’re Doing
(That’s It, Bitch)

On The Vid Screen. He’s Two Years Old (Open A New One, Motherfucker)
You Say I’m Fat, But That’s A Hoax
No Matter How You Shout, No Matter How Much You Want To
Prove That I’m Fat, But I’ve Lost Weight
I’ve Already Lost Weight!

Ah-ah-ah, Ah-ah
Ah-ah-ah, Ah-ah
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!
I Have Already Lost Weight

Ah-ah-ah, Ah-ah
Ah-ah-ah, Ah-ah
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
I Have Already Lost Weight.

SkrInNiK Piss Song FAQS:-

Q1. Who Is The Singer Of “SkrInNiK Piss” ?.

Ans: SkrInNiK Piss Song Is Sung By “5opka”.

Q2. Who Wrote The Lyrics Of “SkrInNiK Piss” ?.

Ans: SkrInNiK Piss Song Lyrics Written By “5opka”.

Q3. Who Composed The Music Of The Song “SkrInNiK Piss“ ?

Ans: SkrInNiK Piss Song Music By “5opka”.

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